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The following objectives are set:

- To restore hydrology and ecological functions of the Amalvas wetland so to secure achievement of favourable conservation status of bog and swamp wood habitats of pSCI;
- To restore hydrology and ecological functions of the Žuvintas wetland so to secure achievement of favourable conservation status of bog, swamp wood and lake habitats of pSCI;
- To find the best balance between farming practices and wetland conservation in the adjoining areas;
- To improve recognisability of wetlands and mires in particular.

Detailed studies of Amalvas and Žuvintas wetland hydrology revealed the main actions and means that should be applied to restore their ecological functions.

Planned project actions include:

- Reconstruction of the Amalvas polder bordering the Amalvas mire area in the north. Drainage and endikement system along with water pumping regime would be optimized to maintain high ground water levels in the polder;
- Blocking of the drainage system in the southern part of the Amalvas mire area;
- Re-naturalisation of water levels in the eastern part of the Amalvas wetland by reconstructing the endikement and the sluice-regulator of the Amalvas lake outlet into permanent owerflow-spillweir;
- Blocking of the drainage channels in the Žuvintas raised bog;
- Re-naturalization of water levels in the Žuivntas wetland complex by reconstructing sluice-regulator of the Žuvintas lake outlet into permanent owerflow-spillweir and improvement of dams;

As the hydrology restoration actions also target certain neighbouring areas used for agriculture it is very important to establish both ecologically and economically sustainable land-use practices. A number of actions are planned for the project:
- Education/awareness raising / stakeholder involvement campaign on sustainable farming in peatlands;
- Introduction of beef cattle as alternative to traditional farming practices in fens and wet grasslands;
- Compensatory payments for land owners in the areas with significantly impaired farming conditions by hydrology restoration;
- Land purchase in the areas where farming becomes impossible due to restored water levels.

Finally, the project set several actions for improving general public awareness about ecological functions of wetlands and their sustainable use:
- Establishment of Amalvas wetland view platform;
- Modernisation of the exhibition about raised bogs in the Žuvintas biosphere reserve Visitor Centre.

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